Combined Undergraduate (BS) and Graduate (MS or PhD) Degree Programs

Mines undergraduate students have the opportunity to begin work on a Graduate degree while completing the requirements for the Undergraduate degree. These Combined Undergraduate/Graduate programs offer advanced progress towards obtaining a Graduate Certificate, Professional Masters Degree, Masters of Science Degree (thesis or non-thesis), Masters of Engineering Degree, or PhD. Undergraduate Mines students interested in a combined program or in taking graduate level courses are encouraged to visit the Graduate Office located in Guggenheim Hall, Room 125 to discuss the application/admissions process and to clarify what is required and what is not.

Admissions Process

A student interested in applying into a graduate degree program as a Combined BS/(Master's or Doctoral) degree student should:

  • Contact the academic department offering the graduate degree to determine specific admissions requirements.
  • Submit a Graduate Admissions Application to the Office of Graduate Studies.
  • Your Application should be submitted during your junior year.
    • You will need to submit your application for the semester after you graduate    (ex: If you plan to graduate with your B.S. degree in Fall 2016, when you submit your application for admission, you will select your admission term for the Spring 2017).
  • GRE scores and letters of recommendation may be required by some departments.
  • Students must be admitted prior to the close of the drop/add period in the last semester of their senior year.
  • Once accepted to a combined program, students must maintain a 3.0 GPA each semester of their program (B.S. and M.S.)

Coursework used towards a CSM graduate degree must:

  • Meet graduate school requirements
  • Must earn C- or better in courses
  • Be approved by your advisor
  • Be listed on your Admission to Candidacy form

Combined students must register as a graduate student at least one semester prior to receiving their graduate degrees.

All CSM graduate students are limited to using 9 credits of 400-level coursework towards a graduate degree. This is inclusive of every type of credit.

Ways to Count Courses Completed as an Undergraduate Student Toward Your Graduate Degree Program

Double Count Credit: (courses taken while an undergraduate)

  • Students must be admitted to a combined program
  • Credits count towards both the undergraduate and graduate degree
    • Complete the 500-Level form & indicate that the courses will be used toward both the UG & GR degrees
  • Only applicable to 36 & 38 credit master’s degrees
  • Maximum of six credits may be applied to GR degree
  • Courses remain on undergraduate transcript
  • Courses count towards the undergraduate GPA
  • Eligible for undergraduate financial aid
  • Eligible for COF

Graduate Only Credit: (courses taken while an undergraduate)

  • Students MUST be accepted to a combined program by census day of the semester these courses are taken. If not accepted, the courses will count as transfer credit & are subject to transfer credit limitations
  • Courses cannot be used to fulfill any undergraduate degree requirements
    • Must complete the 500-Level form & indicate that the courses will be used for Graduate Credit Only
  • No limitation on number of credits  
  • Courses count towards graduate GPA
  • Courses will be move to the graduate transcript after UG degree awarded
  • Not eligible for undergraduate financial aid
  • Not eligible for COF

Transfer Credits: (courses taken while an undergraduate)

  • Transfer credit limitations applyPDF versionText only version
  • Cannot use courses towards undergraduate degree
    • For 500-Level courses, complete the 500-Level form & indicate that the courses are to be used for Graduate Credit Only
    • For 400-level courses, contact the Registrar to tell them not to use the course towards the UG degree
  • Courses remain on undergraduate transcript
  • Courses count towards undergraduate GPA
  • 500-level courses or higher are not eligible for undergraduate financial aid
  • 500-level courses or higher are not eligible for COF

A brief summary of each of these possibilities is provided below. Please review for the requirements and limitations to which the Institution adheres in application of each procedure. Also, please note the impact on incorporating courses to a graduate degree program through these methods.

If you missed the combined program workshop, you may view the presentations here:

Combined BS/MS Informational PresentationPDF versionText only version

Combined Program Presentation-Financial AidPDF versionText only version